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Starter Pack – 3 Pack Starter Kit.  Start your season off right with a sample pack of all 3 of our award-winning products.

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Super Carbon RX liquid fertilizer provides readily available nutrients for immediate plant uptake so nutrient deficiencies can be addressed quickly and easily. Our product has been tested on all types of grass in all climate locations and is now available for your lawn.



SUPER CARBON RX – Starter Pack

3-Pack Starter Kit to jump-start your lawn!


It’s no secret that synthetic fertilizer is the number one selling type of fertilizer in our industry, however, they are also costly and provide NO beneficial organic structure. because of this, a crop can only utilize a portion of the applied fertilizer about 45%. University studies have shown synthetic fertilizer is actually damaging to the soil which causes the crop to struggle.
More fertilizer must be applied to make up the difference, along with more insect and fungal control.
Weeds tend to thrive in damaged sterile soil as well. Super Carbon Rx was developed to( “ Buffer the soil ”) and provide active root stimulation by using the latest advancements in microbiology to help utilize synthetic fertilizers more effectively.
Super Carbon Rx will add organic matter and biology to the soil, unlocking it, This prevents isolation of beneficial nutrients. A crop is dependent on the soil and the farmer to grow. As much as 45% to 60% of traditional fertilizers either wash out, run off or lock up in the soil before the plant gets a chance to use them. Without any rain or irrigation, most granular fertilizer cannot be utilized at all.
By chelating nutrients in the soil, the plant can process these nutrients immediately without heavy burden or loss of energy.. Buffering and stimulating the soil means (Your crop) will receive a more bountiful feeding . Super Carbon Rx Chelates nutrients quickly, whether naturally occurring or added, The plant can process these nutrients immediately.
The natural energy process produced by the plant (Brix) will be enhanced allowing the plant to grow healthier stronger roots and a stronger immune system. This also makes them more insect resistant, which means less insecticide needed. Super Carbon Rx is designed to aid the crop into maturity , this reduces the days to harvest , and helps to increase overall yield .. Energy…… transfers into production.


* Will help to increase the CEC of the soil. Improving the Nitro-fixation process.
* Increase holding capacity or retention ability of the soil for holding water.
* Increase the transfer of Nutrients, by preventing excessive leaching
* Consistency, and moisture holding capacity to a very great degree.
* Will increase the permeability of plant membranes and promote the uptake of nutrients
more efficiently.
* Improves the growth of various groups of beneficial micro-organisms.
* Buffer pH problems, allowing plants to survive until the pH can be corrected.
* Decrease stress deterioration. Until it can be corrected.
* Increases the germination capacity of seed.
* Increase and enlarge root systems, Aids in correcting plant chloroses.
* Will help to will releases various types of auxins responsible for plant growth

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 25.4 × 20.32 × 25.4 in


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